UiPath RE Framework

Upon completion of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the UiPath RE Framework and how to implement it in your organization to streamline your business processes and improve efficiency. You will also have practical experience using the UiPath Studio to create and deploy automated processes, as well as working with queues, exception handling, logging, and other important features of the RE Framework.

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Course overview

The UiPath RE Framework is a comprehensive course that covers the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework for UiPath, which is designed to provide a standardized, scalable, and reusable approach to developing and maintaining automated processes. The course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning UiPath and how to implement it in their organization.

During the course, you will learn about the various components of the RE Framework, including the Init, Get Transaction Data, Process, and End components. You will also learn how to use queues to manage transactions, handle exceptions, and log data to enable effective debugging and auditing of your automated processes.

What will i learn?

  • Understand the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework and its importance in building scalable and reusable automated processes
  • Gain practical experience working with queues to manage transactions and handle exceptions effectively
  • Understand how to log data and use it for debugging, auditing, and analysis of your automated processes.
  • Develop the ability to create and manage reusable components and libraries for more efficient automation.
  • Understand how to use the RE Framework to standardize and streamline your business processes for improved efficiency and scalability.
  • Become proficient in implementing the RE Framework in a variety of business use cases.
  • Need UiPath Basic Knowledge
  • Need Laptop with Windows 10 OS
Curriculum for this course
21 Lessons 21:59:32 Hours
RE Framework
21 Lessons 21:59:32 Hours
  • RegEx (Project Loan Recovery Project) - Regular Expressions
  • JSON - API Automation - Download 100 Dog Images Using API
  • RE Framework without Queues (Orchestrator) | Notary Project
  • Dictionary - Build InitAllSettings.XAML
  • Re Usable Workflows - Modular Approach - Log Message
  • Arguments
  • In/Out Arguments with Small Bank Project
  • Exception Handling - Try Catch Finally - Exception vs Error
  • Exception Handling - Throw - Rethrow - Business Exception -System Exception
  • Exception Handling - Retry Scope - Continue on Error - Global Handler
  • Queues - Add Queue Item- Get Transaction Item- Queue Status
  • Queues - Add Transaction Item - Get Queue Items - Bulk Add Queue Item
  • Project - Dispatcher - Performer - School Info
  • Performer - School Info Project
  • Assets & State Machine
  • State Machine - Guess Game - Ui Demo Transaction
  • RE Framework
  • Project-Resume Onboarding Process using UiPath RE Framework
  • Time Trigger | Queue Trigger | RE Framework Flow Explanation
  • In Depth Learning in Each State in RE Framework
  • Database | Connect | Disconnect | Run Command | Run Query | Insert
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